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Memphis: Failure is not my choice
Manchester United winger Memphis - Pres said, feeling the pressure of Manchester United will not beat him, he will become the world's best players in the near future. My ultimate goal is to become the world's best players, I can do this. trust me. Pressure will never beat me. This is a part of me, I need to set goals for yourself, others seem too extreme these goals, too arrogant Eindhoven youth ...
Late Zukanovic strike denies Lazio precious win
Bosnia Owen stole Zukanovic point is almost the last kick of the match with Sampdoria in a 1-1 draw Lazio. Earlier, substitute Alessandro Matri looked to have grabbed the winner in the game of Lazio, who like Pete has now gone seven games without a win. Loan Matri played 12 minutes from time, Anderson home from Houfeilipei good work in midfield Stefan Radu's cross. But from a free-kick off the he...
Merry Christmas!
  Merry Christmas!Dear friend,have you already prepared Christmas presents?We have a good idea for you which will make your coins and you friends' coins be more.Trust me!com to our website and you will get a surprice. sfifa16 prepared you big presents for the Christmas holiday !the present is during 2015.12.20-2016.1.10 you can get A free cost of 3%-6% Fifa 16 coins.  Do you want a ne...